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Here To Offer Most Reliable & Pure Metal Powders like Iridium Sponge Powder, Osmium Sponge Powder At Industrys Best Prices...

About Us

Walters + Koch Inc has its Office in Delaware and our subsidiary companies Walters and Koch (Pty) Ltd are located in South Africa and Walters and Koch Hong Kong Ltd are located in Hong Kong., is one of the finest dealers of platinum group Powders across the globe. Over the past years, we have created a strong presence of our name in the marketplace owing to continuous hard work. Our focus lies on assuring that entire collection of Rhodium Powder, Ruthenium Sponge Powder, Rhodium Sponge Powder, etc. that we offer is delivered to clients on time. The range is sourced from leading mining companies and refineries, all the powders are packed carefully top quality materials. To assure fast and smooth delivery of our range, we have established export hubs in many of our Hong Kong and Switzerland. To make prompt deliveries, we have partnered with DHL and Malca Amit which helps us in satisfying our clients demands without any delay. Our company is also famous worldwide for our ability to cater to bulk quantities of Metal Powders to globally spread retailers and distributors. Owing to our focus on meeting clients demands with speed, we have become a highly preferred wholesaler and exporter of the platinum group metals.

Why to Choose Our Metal Powders?

Platinum group metal powders are famously used as a raw material in the production of quality alloys used in turbines for aeroplanes and auto catalysts and oil industry and jewellery. Ruthenium and Osmium are used to harden gold and Rhodium solutions are used to colour gold and harden gold. What makes our offered powders the best choice? These are approved by experts for having a great compliance to all the necessary global standards of quality and produced by large mining companies and there refineries around the world.

Some other impressive features of our range are listed below:

  • These have a fine consistency, have no lumps or solid remains.
  • These are off the high grade and purity (99.95 99.99%)
  • These are shipped sealed in original packing our producers.
  • Our company hold accounts with all major precious metal refineries.
Our Mission

The mission of our South African enterprise is to meet the Iridium Sponge Powder, Osmium Sponge Powder and many other requirements of our clients without a single fail. Along with this range, we also strive to render best customer support to all who bestow their trust on our company.

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